ForceManager rolls out new iOS 9 features

1 min read

Renowned for its simplicity and ease of use, Apple is undoubtedly one of the leading and most recognized brands in the world used by many high-tech innovators. Here at ForceManager, we identify with Apple’s values and our application delivers a powerful yet user-friendly experience. We believe that Apple and ForceManager go hand in hand and that we have designed an application that is perfectly in sync with Apple’s vision.

Along with the launch of Apple iOS 9 and watchOS 2, we have updated ForceManager’s software to work alongside these operating systems. We aim to deliver the best mobile sales management experience and so the updated version, ForceManager 2.1, will include better functionality for tablet devices implementing new iOS 9 capabilities such as multitasking. This new feature, exclusive to iPad, means a productivity boost for you and your company so that you can work between ForceManager and other complementary applications in the new Split View mode.

iOS 9 will also include a very promising update to Siri. Now more intelligent and promised to work even faster, this improvement works together with our smart geolocation features to make your work easier when reporting. You can now locate potential customers in your area more accurately and instantly ‘Check in’ to areas of sales activity, and with more precise voice recognition you can note activity as soon as it takes place.

The groundbreaking launch of the Apple Watch last April was truly exciting for us. The next version of ForceManager will also be available for Apple Watch and has been created from scratch to work seamlessly with watchOS 2. This means that our users will be able access the main features of our application redesigned to work from their wrist, carrying their business with them on the go all within a smaller, neater device.

The combination of ForceManager with Apple software allows for an even easier, faster and better user experience for our clients. We expect to launch ForceManager 2.1 in the coming weeks.