ForceManager & Microsoft Discuss the Importance of Mobile CRM

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The second edition of the “Sales efficiency on the move” conference, organized jointly by ForceManager, Microsoft and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, was held in Madrid on 10th June at the Microsoft premises, and brought together more than 100 professionals from all sectors. Representatives from IESE Business School, Microsoft and ForceManager discussed the importance of implementing mobility-based sales force management tools, in order to increase efficiency and consequently the sales results. Jorge González, professor at IESE Business School, highlighted the efforts that many Spanish companies have done to survive the crisis, by innovating and reinventing themselves. In that sense, team’s motivation is the key, and technology can become an essential partner, said Antonio Hernandez, former CEO of Telefonica Moviles. Nowadays, that the sales force must retrain and find new customers, you need to simplify the work of salespeople and managers by providing them with tools that improve the team’s performance, as indicated Oscar Macia, CEO and Founder of ForceManager. At ForceManager we work to offer the optimum sales force management tool for sales efficiency on the move. If you want to learn more about ForceManager.