ForceManager: Nauta Capital Investment

1 min read

Last week we announced that ForceManager closed a €2.8M financing round led by Nauta Capital. The Venture Capital firm supports leading technology companies with strong international strategies, and that is why they have chosen to invest in ForceManager.

ForceManager was founded in 2011 with the aim to provide a simple, effective solution to increase the efficiency of both the sales force and sales management. Just a year ago we completed another round of €500,000 and today we are present in more than 10 countries and in a wide range of sectors, including insurance, food industry, security, automotive sector and services. ForceManager’s clients comprise large multinationals such as BASF, Pirelli, Securitas Direct and Fluidra.

It’s been three years, but our goals remain the same: we want to offer an innovative software that revolutionizes sales teams around the world. With our tool, marketers can devote 100 % of their time to selling because ForceManager automatically reports all their activity for them. The days of sitting hours sitting with a laptop using complicated and unfriendly CRM systems are gone. It is now time to step up to new ways, and we want to be your partner in this endeavour.

Our strengths: we offer you a sales force management software, easy to use and results-oriented, based on mobility and geolocation – our solution facilitates the management of sales forces and increases sales impacts by more than 20%. Now your teams can plan all their visits, prioritize the time you spend with each customer and receive a customized activity reports with all outcomes. Managers of these teams will also receive real time management insights that will allow analysis of the results at all times while planning on new objectives with very little effort.

This investment will help us consolidate a phase of fast growth and lay the foundations for international expansion. As well as extending beyond our borders, we will also be able to dedicate more resources to our product development team and keep providing our customers with a highly effective sales management tool.