A Day in the Life of a 1970s Sales Rep

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1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010…

The truth is, if you’re a sales rep and you still haven’t given any thought to digitalizing your sales management (with a mobile CRM for example)… what are you doing? It’s 2016 and the whole vintage thing is over.

Here are couple of reminders of what it was like to be a sales rep back in the day (or even now in some cases). And hopefully, if you’re one of the ones that are yet to go digital, this post will be enough to convince you that it’s about time to invest in mobile technology.

Your day begins…calls first thing in the morning. You ask your colleague to pass you over the file of accounts beginning with D so you can look up Davies

Only thing is you have 39 accounts with the same name… your client starts to think this is all you’re doing…

And it seems a couple of other sales reps in the office are having the same luck with their morning cold calls.

With your sales visits due to start, you quickly grab all you can, including the new product catalogs.

A quick flick through of your trusty Rolodex tells you the names of the potential clients you have to meet. (Remember that rotating file device used to store business cards… maybe your parents or grandparents even had one?)

Now to go and sell all you’ve got! (With a suitcase that weighs just about as much as you).

You look at your route of the day and notice that your visits are scattered all over the city.

With no idea where to start, you get the directions wrong, meaning you’ll now arrive late.

You get out the car feeling a little lost…

But you make it! Bravooooo!

Although, you’ve lost quite a fair amount of time…

You’re finally face-to-face with the client, but as soon as it’s their turn to speak, it’s pretty much impossible to note down everything they’re saying!

Then you notice you’ve brought last year’s catalog and remember that the new one is still at the office…

Later, you return to the office to report EVERYTHING

And when it finally seems like you’ve finished, you remember you forgot to send out one of those complicated offers

…and like always, it’s usually for one of the bigger clients.

It’s 9pm, and you’ve just about had enough. You try to stay awake with all your might…

The next day you have a sales meeting with the team and your boss wants to know who left that offer incomplete…

They call you in…

“FINE! I admit it! It was me!”

Then it finally dawns on your sales director that it’s probably time to change the way sales are managed around here.

But don’t panic! The world now has ForceManager, the mobile CRM for field sales reps.

And it can solve all of the above problems!

Get with the new and digitalize your sales management process so you can dedicate more time to what really matters: selling!