8 Ways to Create an Impeccable Brand Experience that Boosts Sales

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If you love good coffee and more, chances are you’re a customer of brands like Nespresso and Starbucks. You appreciate not just the delicate blend of aroma and flavour, but also the experience each brand offers. As well as your Starbucks coffee you get jazz music in the background, comfy sofas, free wifi and great customer service. All in all, an address you’d probably recommend.

When a company conveys a set of emotions, it’s setting out to win the loyalty of its customers. A brand experience such as Starbucks is the result of detailed research, and it ends up being so effective (based as it is on a well thought out strategy) that the customers take on the role of influencers.

A recommendation from a satisfied customer is invaluable. You can invest large sums in advertising or public relations campaigns since the volume and quality of your sales will always increase through word of mouth.

So what steps can you take to encourage customers to feel these emotions? It’s not just a question of marketing or branding. The effect is only possible when all elements of the company work together according to a series of patterns. To sell a brand experience you also need a sales pitch that sparks the interest of your audience, so that they tell their contacts why you’re top of mind.

What are the key features of a “top of mind” sales pitch?

1 Simple: When you present your business, make sure you’re clear and convincing. Explain how you make your customers feel unique by responding to their needs. Focus on the one idea that best defines your product or service; your customer will find it much easier to remember you. ForceManager increases the productivity of sales networks thanks to its software solution. What does your company do?

2 Concise: Convey your message as briefly as possible so as not to distract or bore your audience. A sales impact is always direct and concise.

3 Entertaining: Remember you’re talking to people here! If you want to build long-term relationships, be different. Spark interest by being friendly and informal, use a message that generates expectation and show clearly that you’re selling a worthy product. Present the advantages of your product or service in a dynamic way to capture attention right from the start.

4 Transparent: As Shakespeare once said, “No legacy is so rich as honesty”. Demonstrate your commitment by keeping your promises. People remember companies that are authentic, those that work to make the world a better place through effort and transparency.

5 Interactive: the dialogue between a salesperson and their client should work both ways. Questions and answers help to define how the customer wants to feel when buying your brand, which leads to a strategy that makes that feeling possible.

6 Team-based: Develop a unified pitch that conveys confidence. Each person in the company should feel and communicate the idea that they are part of a unique brand.

7 Committed: It’s important not only to be transparent, but also to keep your promises and act with integrity. Companies that are recommended are those that keep their word, and focus their strategy on customer behaviour and benefits.

8 Innovative: Finally, if you want to ‘wow’ customers with your brand experience, it has to be original, fresh and unique. Not everything has already been invented, and in a period of economic uncertainty it’s the innovative ideas that succeed.

How can you make your business top of mind with your public?