5 Sales Books To Skim Through On World Book Day

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It only seems natural that, on the birth date of Shakespeare, we take a look at some of the best sales collateral to be penned over the last few years. So without further ado, here are our Top 5 sales books to take note of this year’s upcoming World Book Day.

Discover Questions: Get You Connected – Deb Calvert (Forward by Jonathan Farrington)
Sales consultant Deb Calvert has been involved in all facets of the sales community for the better part of 25 years now, with this as arguably her best contribution to date. Discover Questions: Get You Connected offers the reader a series of questions designed to unveil the root and cause of the problems a client faces. Armed with this information the sales rep then steps in and crafts a meaningful solution. The sales book is split into 9 chapters under the concept of D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R – Data, Issue, Solution, Consequence, Outcome, Value, Example and Rationale. The materials both great for budding salespeople tackling their first role in the industry and for those more experienced wishing to refine already established techniques.

Changing the Sales Conversation: Connect, Collaborate, and Close – Linda Richardson
Sales Hall of Famer Linda Richardson again delivered with her latest release Changing the Sales Conversation: Connect, Collaborate, and Close. The sales book challenges the traditional approach taken by salespeople to engage customers. With the wealth of information now available both online and offline, customers are engaging sales reps much later in the buyer journey. They no longer need to be walked through the basics. As a result, Richardson explains the importance of repositioning yourself much earlier in the conversation. Become relevant and prepared with solutions to the questions consumers are asking exactly when they’re asking them. Coincidently the author will be touching upon this topic at London’s upcoming Sales Innovation Exposition in May.

Pick Up the Damn Phone! How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal – Joanne Black
While there’s no doubting technology plays a key role in the day to day lives of field sales reps, Joanne Black, a respected leader in referral selling shows why sometimes it’s best to just “pick up the damn phone!” As the title suggests, Black’s latest sales book canvasses the affiliation between sales and technology and offers insight for booking valuable face-to-face time with clients. The easiest and most effective way to build relationships with clients is to go visit them. Just to have a genuine conversation, even if it is a quick phone call; it means a lot more than sending a quick, impersonal email. A great sales book to consider this International Book Day.

SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers – Jill Konrath
How could we possibly honour World Book Day and not include SNAP Selling – the oft-cited sales bible from world renowned author Jill Konrath. In terms of providing a clear, structured framework to build out your sales operation this book is considered unrivalled. The acronym SNAP – Simplify, iNvaluable, Allign and Priorities helps frame some of the ideas proposed throughout the sales book, with particular preference for the section on alignment. Konrath delves into the topic head-on, pointing out the research required before even approaching a prospective client. What internal/external challenges do they face? What’s their strategy? The pains with the current system or service? What are their short-term/long-term goals?

High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price – Mark Hunter
To round off our list of sales books for this International Book Day we turn to Mark Hunter and his enlightening read High-Profit Selling. Although geared to all budding salespeople, this book may prove particularly useful to those in the higher echelons of management. Hunter focuses on, as he puts it, a “dependence on discounting” when it comes to closing out a deal. While this may be a successful strategy in the short-term, it could have serious implications down the line if the product/service is being consistently sold below the mark. The tips and strategies provided help companies re-establish the value of their product or service without diminishing the price – something beneficial for sales managers and investors alike.