Five ways ForceManager 5500 helps TPAs grow their business

2 min read

There are plenty of tools out there that make it easier for third-party administration teams to manage their pension operations and serve existing clients.

But when it comes to the sales and marketing process, TPAs have been woefully underserved.

Standard CRMs are expensive and almost impossible to customize for the unique needs of retirement plan administrators. Other services claim to provide the customization you need. But once you start using them, you see they’re nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet.

There’s never been an easy solution for TPAs to track leads, manage their prospecting activity and streamline the sales process.

Until now.

ForceManager 5500 is the first CRM and marketing tool designed with 401(k) TPAs in mind. It’s the only solution customized to the needs and realities of the retirement industry, making it faster and easier for TPAs to streamline their sales process and grow their business.

Here are a few of our TPA partners’ favorite features.

Easy-to-use interface

Unlike other solutions, you don’t need to hire a full-time employee just to administer and manage your CRM. ForceManager 5500 is ready to go right out of the box.

With just a few clicks, you can customize it to your organization’s needs and goals. Now, you can start automating your sales and marketing activities in minutes — not months.

Embedded 5500 data and plan reports

ForceManager 5500 comes pre-populated with robust 5500 data and plan reports from ERISApedia, our exclusive data provider. The reports are updated monthly, ensuring your team has the most up-to-date data publicly available.

Having this information built into your CRM makes it easy to find important plan insights and act upon them directly in the app. You can also provide these powerful analytics to advisors, helping you build stronger relationships and provide more value to your organization’s key stakeholders.

Integrated, fully loaded maps

ForceManager 5500 comes preloaded with ERISApedia-powered maps of all the advisors in your state. The app also includes markup tools that make it easy to sort and segment your prospecting list by city, neighborhood and even by street. Use these robust prospecting tools to drive more strategic advisor marketing initiatives, including special events and office visits.

Powerful customer engagement tools

ForceManager 5500 is way more than just a CRM. It’s more like your organization’s personal marketing assistant.

Built-in customer engagement tools empower you to track, monitor and engage with leads without having to leave the app. Use our powerful voice-to-text technology to quickly log meeting notes, record action items and set up follow-up appointments.

The app also includes free out-of-the-box integration with Mailchimp, allowing you to set up email campaigns that automate your sales process.

Multi-platform, intuitive technology

ForceManager 5500 can be accessed and managed from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The sleek and beautiful interface allows you to view contacts and track opportunities from your home, office or in the field.

See how much easier it is to manage your pipeline and communicate with advisors when your company’s CRM fits in your pocket.

To learn how ForceManager 5500 can help you be more strategic with your marketing efforts and better manage your relationships with advisors and prospects, schedule a demo today.