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Sales Management Software for the ambitious Sales Executive

This is the one mobile sales tool field reps genuinely like using. As a result, managers have complete visibility over the sales process, a flurry of live data and team that’s more aligned than ever before.

The dream platform that grants you visibility and insight on all real-time sales activity

Boost Sales Development

Thanks to a holistic management system you can view performance leader boards, direct communication and visibility over sales team development.

Encourage healthy competition, identify areas for individual coaching and direct your troops to their monthly or quarterly targets.

Gain insights

ForceManager automatically collects and analyzes millions of data points, delivering them to you in a neatly packaged and easily digestible sales report, customizable to your specific requirements.

Execute sales strategy

It’s all good coming up with a tried and tested and sales strategy, but if it’s not being executed on, what use is it? ForceManager provides you not only with the insight needed to ensure its being executed upon, but pinpoints areas for potential adjustment and improvement.