Gain full visibility of construction sites

With ForceManager, you can geolocate the construction sites as well as your customers. When one of your team member  is within range of a construction site or client, ForceManager automatically prompts with a checkin button, allowing them to report any visit at their fingertips. A proactive approach to make sure everyone it on top ot the game.  Is the best way to make sure the data you see is both real and up to date!


All the Critical Information at Your Fingertips

Having access to accurate data about  your customers or prospects previous interactions makes all the difference when you’re preparing for a meeting. Being fully prepared is the  key to success. ForceManager makes easy to be fully prepared to have a successful meeting as well as to measure your sales cycle and conversion rates. It will also help you get a full understanding of your sales pipeline and the reasons for lost opportunities and identify stagnate customers.


Real Time Coaching & Killer Analytics

Transparency at its bests.  All the interactions between your team members and their customers in one single place, phone calls, emails, visits…, giving them time to take action before it’s too late. Our powerful analytics tools can help you coach your team to be more efficient and to move in perfect alignment with your strategy.

AI - Personal sales assistant

Support your team through their sales journey with a state-of-the-art AI powered personal sales assistant that goes one step ahead of the needs of your team, helps them prepare upcoming meetings in a matter of seconds.



Gulfeagle Supply

Specialist providers of roofing and building materials to roofing contractors, home owners, architects and general contractors with 80 branches throughout the US.

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