February 16, 2021

iOS 3.24.0

We continuously improve and release our apps to help you and your team reach your sales targets, here are a few improvements/new features:

  • Schedule events/tasks using voice: we take care of linking relevant info and you can edit details using the keyboard.
  • More images in activities: add up to 10 images to any activity.
  • See who actually participated in a Zoom call: See in the activity detail, who actually participated in a Zoom call.
  • A brand new view for opportunity pipeline: see the status of your opportunities at a glance also on your phone!
  • Performance improvements: speed, responsiveness and battery usage improved to make you go faster and close more deals.
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iOS 3.24.0
December 17, 2020

iOS 3.22.0

Here are the most important updates in this latest release:

  • If you create a goal or have a goal assigned from other users with GoalManager, it will be possible to see who is the person who created and assigned the goal.
  • We fixed minor bugs and improved the app performance overall, in particular, we made the Dashboard faster to load so you can manage your day in a snap.
  • You can now select multiple images when you are attaching them to an Activity, Check-in or Videocall.
  • Better Whatsapp integration: you can now send WhatsApp (or SMS) by just tapping on the phone number of your contact.

We continuously improve and release our app to help you and your team reach your sales targets and create amazing relationships with your customers!

October 23, 2020

iOS 3.20.2

We’re thrilled to announce that ForceManager is the first CRM to fully support the new amazing features of iOS 14 and iPad OS 14!

New features: Widgets for your Home screen, Scribble & Drawing support for iPad with Pencil, Quick Task/Event creation via voice on Calendar.

  • WIDGETS: Say hello to our “Magic Widget” which adapts automatically to the situation. Instantly check-in, join a video call, drive to your next meeting or monitor your goals straight from your home screen.
  • PENCIL SUPPORT – SCRIBBLE: On your iPad you will now be able to insert data on any form with your Pencil without typing, fill phone number on an account, details of an opportunity, or a visit report with your pencil (works only in English for now but soon Apple will release full support for other languages).
  • PENCIL SUPPORT – DRAWING & SKETCHING:  You can now attach a drawing or sketch to any activity or check-in, simply tap on the “add a photo or drawing” button inside the activity detail – this feature is available on iPad but can also be used on iPhone if you use your finger to draw.
  • QUICK VOICE TASK/EVENT CREATION: Go to the calendar, swipe on “Cognitive”, start talking and we will take care of the rest. CoreML by Apple and our AI algorithms will smartly create that appointment or remind you to create a follow up.
July 30, 2020

iOS 3.19.0

In the new version we’ve included:

· Video Call integration with Microsoft Teams: Introducing our brand new integration with Microsoft Teams to let you and your team organise video calls with customers, share an invitation and automatically log activity from video calls straight from inside ForceManager for iOS! Just request an activation and you will be able to link your Microsoft Teams account to ForceManager.

· Various bug fixes and improvements: We constantly apply various bug fixes and improvements, in particular in this version we fixed a few bugs on our newly released GoalManager 2.0 and our new custom field filter on mobile.

April 1, 2020

iOS 3.15.0

In the new version we’ve included:   

  • Goals 2.0: GoalManager improvements! Thanks to version 2.0 you can now segment your objectives so they can be completely adapted to your strategy and plan them considering the seasonality (We know that during holidays the performance tends to decrease). In addition to the new objective of “Team aggregate”, you can plan the goals of your entire team in seconds and have the full picture when analysing its progress.  Discover each and every one of the new features available in the premium version.
  • Filter by Custom fields: Thanks to this update, you will be able to filter your sales records using your own custom fields while on the go. You can add custom filters on Accounts, Opportunities and Activities. Managing your sales records has never been that easy. Start using the brand-new filter!
January 20, 2020

iOS 3.14.0

ForceManager’s personal sales assistant has had a bit of a face-lift! Take a look at some of the improvements our engineering team has eked out over the past few weeks:

  • Calendar and Activities ordered by Timezone: Especially handy for managing international sales teams, the Calendar and Activities will now be automatically updated and ordered depending on the device’s timezone in that specific moment.
  • Goals 1.5: The full name and description of all goals will now be shown in greater detail.