January 28, 2020

API Documentation – Version 4

This new version of our API represents a huge step forward. It is more powerful and easier to use than the previous version. Here you will find all the guidance you need to build integrations for the ForceManager application. Some of the biggest and most important changes are:

  • New authentication. OAuth2
  • New entities.
  • More customisation.
  • Better and faster response speed.
  • Now you can only get the attributes you need.


Before you start you will need your Public API key and Private API key. If you already have a ForceManager account and you are an admin, you can find your API key under Settings > Integrations > API key management.

Some info to get up to speed with the ForceManager API

  • The API is organised around RESTful to query and update the data.
  • All requests have to be made over SSL.
  • All requests and response bodies, including errors, are encoded in JSON. Remember to specify the Content-Type header as application/json
  • Each entity has a unique integer ID.

Three-column Design

All the example responses are in the right columns, so you can see the examples while you are looking at the resources description and parameters.


Your Feedback matter, let us know what you want to see from ForceManager API or let us know any issue you want to report. You can email us at support@forcemanager.net

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API Documentation – Version 4