September 26, 2019

Web App 3.87.0

The web app follows in the steps of our Android and iOS updates, with improvements to:

  • Calendar and Activities are automatically updated based on the time zone of the device at that time. Arrive on time for all your meetings!
  • Now you can fully synchronize your Calendar with Exchange. Do not miss any more events!
  • You can now create views in the Activity filters. Find what you are looking for easier and faster.
  • We don’t like bugs! That is why in this update we have corrected as many as possible to make your FM experience even smoother.
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Web App 3.87.0
July 29, 2019

Web App 3.84.0

The web app follows in the steps of our Android and iOS updates, with improvements to the Calendar feature:

  • Invitee availability: This news feature allows users to verify the availability of invitees when creating/editing a new event in the Calendar. ForceManager cross-checks the invitee’s schedules to find time slots when everybody is free.
  • Save search filters in Calendar: Not only can users create and save search filters from the Company and Opportunity menus, but they can now do it from the Calendar menu in the web app too.
May 14, 2019

Web App 3.2.1

The web app follows in the steps of our Android update, with improvements to the Sales Order Forms, Product and Documents sections.

  • Rearrange the Sales Order lines: We added a drag and drop feature for the lines in Sales Order Forms.
  • Organize product offerings: It’s now possible to filter product offerings to sales reps based on their territory, location, language or any category of your choice. This ensures irrelevant products no longer appear on a sales rep’s order/product page.
  • Documents: Signature will not appear on downloaded documents if they are unable to be signed: Documents will be automatically downloaded once clicked on (you no longer need click the download button). Also, in the Documents widget the option to sign (for clients that have an integration to sign-off products) will disappear from documents that are not possible to sign to avoid an error message (for example, with “Signaturit” it is not possible to sign an Excel file).