June 4, 2019

iOS 3.10.0

ForceManager Cognitive, our voice-activated, AI-powered personal sales assistant has had a bit of a face-lift! Take a look at some of the improvements our engineering team have eked out over the past few weeks:

  • Cognitive redesign: We have revamped the user interface to make it faster and easier to use thanks to on-screen controls that will allow you to skip certain explanations or edit your input data!
  • Cognitive Keyword Insights: Cognitive now helps you prepare for your upcoming visit by automatically “summarizing” the content of your Activities and Check-Ins into a word cloud. Thanks to this feature you will no longer need to read the entire activity timeline to find relevant information for your visit.
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iOS 3.10.0
May 27, 2019

iOS 3.9.1

  • Rearrange the Sales Order lines: We added a drag and drop feature for the Sales Order Forms.
  • View products by environment:  In the Product Form we added a multivalue list to set the environments visibility for the product. [Web] Then the user can see the products that have visibility to in all the platforms  [Android / iOS / Web].
  • Documents: Signature will not appear on downloaded documents if they are unsignable: Documents will be automatically downloaded once clicked on (you no longer need click the download button). Also, in the Documents widget the option to sign (for clients that have an integration to sign-off products) will disappear from documents that are not possible to sign to avoid an error message (for example, with “Signaturit” it is not possible to sign an Excel file).
April 1, 2019

iOS 3.8.0

We’re only as good as you think we are… You came back to us with some input so we’ve made a few more improvements to the ForceManager app. Hope you like them!

What’s new:

  • Geolocate new Accounts and Opportunities straight from the map. Less time manually adding data and more time making sales!
  • Edit Event Location: meeting a client somewhere new? No problem! Track your meetings and events, regardless of location.
  • Order your Accounts by distance and creation date, much more flexible!
  • Faster access to filters: filter your Account and Opportunity searches by type, status etc. then extract your favourite fields and add them to the navigation bar as filter shortcuts.