December 17, 2020

Android 3.39.3

Here are the most important updates in this latest release:

  • We reduced the size of our app to make it lighter to download and faster to use
  • If you create a goal or have a goal assigned from other users with GoalManager, it will be possible to see who is the person who created and assigned the goal
  • We fixed minor bugs and improved the app performance overall
  • New design for Drawer lateral menu, and the title bar of every section, we also improved aspects and colours inside each section of the app
  • You can now select multiple images when you are attaching them to an Activity, Check-in or Videocall
  • Better Whatsapp integration: you can now send WhatsApp (or SMS) by just tapping on the phone number of your contact

We continuously improve and release our app to help you and your team reach your sales targets and create amazing relationships with your customers!

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Android 3.39.3
October 27, 2020

Android 3.38.0

We’re super excited to announce great improvements for our latest Android release!

  • Finally it’s here – “Pull to Refresh” in the Dashboard: if you want to update the Dashboard, super easy…pull down the screen and you’ll refresh the data!
  • Battery consumption: you should see battery consumption reduced up to 60% – hands up for our Android team on working hard on this and thanks for your feedback on this much needed improvement!
  • Performance improvements all across the app to improve responsiveness and speed
  • Improved in screen transitions: we improved almost every single animation while you browse the different sections of the app.
  • You can now edit an out of range check-in and change the type to a non-visit type
  • New users can now try the app playing with demo data…and if you are already a user you can now share the app with your friends or colleagues and let them try it!
July 30, 2020

Android 3.34.0

In the new version we’ve included:

· Video Call integration with Microsoft Teams: Introducing our brand new integration with Microsoft Teams to let you and your team organise video calls with customers, share an invitation and automatically log activity from video calls straight from inside ForceManager for Android! Just request an activation and you will be able to link your Microsoft Teams account to ForceManager.

· Various bug fixes and improvements: We constantly apply various bug fixes and improvements, in particular in this version we fixed a few bugs on our newly released GoalManager 2.0 and our new custom field filter on mobile.

April 1, 2020

Android 3.29.0

In the new version we’ve included:  

  • Goals 2.0: GoalManager improvements! Thanks to version 2.0 you can now segment your objectives so they can be completely adapted to your strategy and plan them considering the seasonality (We know that during holidays the performance tends to decrease). In addition to the new objective of “Team aggregate”, you can plan the goals of your entire team in seconds and have the full picture when analysing its progress.  Discover each and every one of the new features available in the premium version.
  • Filter by Custom fields: Thanks to this update, you will be able to filter your sales records using your own custom fields while on the go. You can add custom filters on Accounts, Opportunities and Activities.
    Managing your sales records has never been that easy. Start using the brand-new filter!
January 20, 2020

Android 3.28.0

All ForceManager Android users can take advantage of the following benefits thanks to our latest product update. Take a look!

  • Calendar and Activities ordered by Timezone: Especially handy for managing international sales teams, the Calendar and Activities will now be automatically updated and ordered depending on the device’s timezone in that specific moment.
  • Goals 1.5: The full name and description of all goals will now be shown in greater detail. Also, the Android UX has been revamped, meaning it’s now possible to visualize all goal information from the Dashboard, matching the design of the iOS and WebApp platforms.
September 26, 2019

Android 3.27.0

All ForceManager Android users can take advantage of the following benefits thanks to our latest product update. Take a look!

  • Calendar and Activities are automatically updated based on the time zone of the device at that time. Arrive on time for all your meetings!
  • Now you can fully synchronize your Calendar with Exchange. Do not miss any more events!
  • You can now create views in the Activity filters. Find what you are looking for easier and faster.
  • We don’t like bugs! That is why in this update we have corrected as many as possible to make your FM experience even smoother.