Detailed Sales Analysis

Detailed Sales Analysis

We’ve changed the rules of the game; it’s no longer the sales rep who reports to the system, but the other way around. By receiving useful feedback on their work, field sales reps are made aware of their own performance and given actionable feedback on areas for improvement.

Re-Focused Sales

Field sales reps don’t like reporting, and with good reason; its tedious work that doesn’t affect the sell. ForceManager easily registers every interaction between the sales rep and the clients (phone calls, emails, visits, quotes), allowing them to focus on what’s important: selling.

Flexible Sales Template

With information on every interaction between your field sales team and their clients and prospects, ForceManager provides a structured out-of-the-box design or we can mock up a custom report that fits your needs.

Increase the intensity of sales activity

Increase the intensity of sales activity

Is your team firing at 100%? ForceManager gives you objective and reliable insight on market interaction and shows you when and where efforts need to be increased.

Optimize sales effort distribution

Automatically measure and analyze the interaction your field sales team has with each client segment and geographical area. Make sure your efforts are deployed exactly where they should be.

Improve the quality of each and every sales interaction

Measure the effectiveness of your interactions with the market and identify good practices you can replicate throughout your team.

Gain additional insight into your sales process

ForceManager automatically collects a wealth of information. Take advantage of a library of custom reports – or design your own.