ForceManager presents Sales Campaigns, the new feature for managing segmented sales campaigns straight from your mobile

March 28, 2019

The add-on allows to efficiently plan, execute and analyse sales campaigns to improve the performance of sales teams and increase sales management visibility over progress and results.

The new tool is characterised by its ability to adapt to a diverse range of projects, and its simple and user-friendly design results in high user adoption rates.

Barcelona, March 28, 2019: ForceManager, the leading AI-powered personal sales assistant application in Europe, now presents Sales Campaigns, a new feature designed to align sales campaign strategy and execution and optimize the monitoring and analysis of results.

Sales Campaigns allows users to create campaigns targeted at specific audiences or market segments for defined periods. Accounts associated with a campaign can be easily segmented and campaign tasks can be planned, executed and completed in a simple and intuitive way. The new feature also gathers important data through campaign forms so that each campaign can be easily monitored in real-time and results can be clearly analyzed.

“We are very happy and proud of this new tool. Sales Campaigns has been developed after listening to the needs of sales teams from various sectors, and we have addressed every aspect to facilitate the day-to-day work of sales reps and managers”, explains Oscar Macia, CEO and co-founder of ForceManager. He adds, “The aim is that sales teams can launch new products, create up-selling or cross-selling campaigns and collect new data in a quick and easy fashion”.

A flexible, intuitive and effective module.

Sales Campaigns has been developed with the needs of field sales reps in mind. Its intuitive and user-friendly design enables reps to complete campaign activities with a simple click. Data is also automatically registered for each user so that progress reports are automatically generated, tasks are optimized, and the performance of the entire team is improved.

With over 1,600 users in 36 countries, ForceManager works with some of the biggest players in the industry, including AXA, ASICS, Generali and RWC Group. With the presentation of Sales Campaigns, the company has reinforced its commitment to digitally transform the sales industry.

About ForceManager

ForceManager is the leading mobile CRM for field sales teams, designed to help sales reps with their day-to-day by serving as a personal sales assistant The success of the app is due to its 100% mobile design, user-friendly interface, and high adoption rates. It’s a CRM that offers the perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence and intuitive design, transforming the smart phone into a modern personal sales assistant.

Founded in Barcelona in 2011, ForceManager is present in 36 countries. Its global team of over 150 professionals is dedicated to developing the best mobile CRM and personal sales assistant on the market in order to revolutionize how field reps make their sales.  ForceManager has received 15.7 million dollars in Series A + B investment rounds and, since acquiring Sellf in September 2018, it now provides support to over 1,600 clients around the world.


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