ForceManager Presents Cognitive, the First AI Sales Personal Assistant

September 9, 2018
  • ForceManager has invested over 30% of its annual turnover in R&D and has succeeded in transforming its sales accelerator into an Intelligent Personal Sales Assistant
  • It is the first Spanish company to harness Artificial Intelligence, making a tangible impact on field sales forces all around the world
  • It offers a solution to field sales reps so that they can make good use of time spent at the wheel – an average of 3 hours per day.

Barcelona, September 26 – ForceManager, a pioneer in the design of mobile CRM solutions for field sales teams is announcing the launch of Cognitive: the first voice activated Intelligent Sales Personal Assistant.

Powered by IBM Watson (AI), ForceManager is the first company to incorporate Machine Learning and conversational AI technology to specifically help field sales representatives. This move reflects the company’s avant-garde vision and commitment to boosting field sales teams through technology.

“We created a personal sales assistant that responds to natural language and is capable of providing proactive suggestions for making the best use of time spent at the wheel – almost 3 hours a day – providing added value to the client. You can speak to Dana, ForceManager Cognitive’s assistant feature, and ask it to optimize your day and set important reminders before client visits” explains Oscar Maciá, ForceManager CEO and co-founder.

“Hello, Dana”
The voice recognition feature, which had already been incorporated into ForceManager products, is now fully integrated. You just need to say “Dana”, the name of ForceManager Cognitive’s personal assistant, to activate the system. Once activated, Dana is ready to action any requests issued by the user. As field sales reps, the company suggests it’s important to know which sales visits and clients require the most attention at any given time. So, if you ask “Dana, which clients do I need to visit today?” Dana will list all planned visits and make suggestions for increasing productivity. Dana can also:

  • Provide information about the client’s location and list other clients in the area, suggesting cross-selling opportunities where possible.
  • Highlight any negative communications with the client so that their needs can be addressed and issues resolved as soon as possible.
  • Indicate if traffic conditions are going to result in a sales rep being late for a meeting so that the client can be notified.
  • Help field sales reps prepare for client visits, so that they can focus on what’s important.
  • Review the pipeline and current opportunities.

“I don’t have to memorize everything. I just ask ForceManager Cognitive and it automatically scans the database and provides me with all relevant information, so I am fully prepared for my meeting. It’s like having an extra member in the sales team”, says Josh MacAvoy, Division Manager at Bare Metal Standard, USA.
“And it gives me the chance to add any activities requiring my attention whist I’m on the road. In the past, I’d have to wait until my next stop and I’d often be in such a rush to get to my next client that I’d miss the opportunity to register information. It helps me be much more productive” explains Erin Lambert, Territory Sales Manager at RWC.

How the CRM evolved into an Intelligent Sales Personal Assistant
CRM software, a tool for managing client relations, was originally designed for PCs. This was inconvenient for field sales reps as they rarely had time to go into the office to report their activities. After 20 years’ experience working with sales teams, Oscar Maciá detected the need for creating a completely mobile CRM system that enabled field sales reps to update their records in a matter of minutes. And, so, ForceManager was founded in 2011 as an integrated sales accelerator with a primary focus on mobility.

ForceManager, as part of its commitment to improve the efficiency of field sales teams, has developed and invested over 30% of its annual turnover from recent years in R&D, and it has succeeded in transforming its sales accelerator into an Intelligent Personal Sales Assistant. ForceManager is the first company to harness the competitive advantage of conversational AI, introducing it to the market and making a tangible impact on field sales forces all around the world
ForceManager’s engineering team is training Dana to analyze and understand all languages where the company is present (over 30 countries), including Portuguese and French.

ForceManager Cognitive is currently available in English and Spanish.