The mobile CRM for field sales teams

Empower your sales team, to sell more.

Access all the sales information you need on a smart, fast and reliable mobile application

Prepare for success

Geolocated accounts and opportunities

Outside reps can easily manage their accounts and follow-up with prospects directly from their dashboard or mapping system.


Records visits in 30 seconds

Field reps can record sales calls, visits, and updates with a few swipes on their smartphones (Android and iOS).

Contextual information

Personal assistant

Based on the analysis of thousands of data points in the CRM, reps receive notices on potential upsells, cross-sells, and unattended clients.

CRM offline

No coverage, no problem! Reps can access everything offline, with any recorded data updated as soon as an internet connection is reestablished.


Calendar, activities, and documents

The day’s upcoming tasks/visits as well as all the latest easily accessible from the app’s dashboard, including the fastest route between calls.

Discover GoalManager

The goal-setting add-on that allows reps to visualize and track their targets, increasing productivity by 20%.


Our strength, without doubt, lays in our mobility. However, directors also have access to an ai-powered CRM Web app for a clearer overview of their team


Accounts and contacts

A centralized management system that allows you to classify, arrange and organize your team’s accounts, contacts, and opportunities.


Pipeline Management and Forecasting

A live, 360° overview of your entire sales process. Who’s closing deals? When, where, and how it can be replicated.

Detailed Sales Analysis

Data Analysis

Analyze your sales data with custom graphs, diagrams, and field rep ranking charts to identify weak areas that need your attention.

Gain additional insight into you sales process

Custom sales reports

Select your daily, weekly, or monthly sales reports from our library collection or customize and create your own.

mobile crm software for sales reps

Adapt to your needs

ForceManager mobile CRM is extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit the specific needs, wants, and sales terminology of your team.

Discover Sales Campaigns

Check out how easy we made it to plan and execute any type of sales campaign with our new add-on.

Sales Campaigns

Welcome to ForceManager’s AI-Powered, Sales ecosystem


Magic Card

The millions of data points are analyzed, and then condensed, into a readable dashboard that gives reps a quick overview of their daily activities.


Recommendations and suggestions

Based on the analysis of thousands of data points in the CRM, reps receive recommendations of potential upsells, cross-sells, follow-up activities and unattended clients.

ForceManager Cognitive

“What’s next?”

Field reps can communicate with our AI assistant, Dana, who will uncover insights about any account or query they may have.



Our AI-powered system developed in conjunction with both Apple and IBM, allows field reps to communicate via voice-to-text with the CRM.



ForceManager scans physical business cards, automatically extracting information and updating client and account fields within the mobile CRM tool.

Discover Cognitive

Support your team through their sales journey with a state-of-the-art, AI-powered personal sales assistant that goes one step ahead of the needs of your team and helps them prepare upcoming meetings in a matter of seconds.