Improve the performance of your retailers, wholesalers and distributors by supporting them more effectively in the field


Automatic Reporting

Reporting has never been this easy. Trade marketers can report on recent product training sessions, incidents with product placement and take pictures on the spot if something needs to be resolved ASAP. What’s more, reporting can be completed in less than 10 seconds orders replenished if running short on stock!


Tweek ForceManager to your specific needs

Every company has its own unique workflows and procedures. To accommodate this we built a completely customizable solution allowing you to edit activities, set different types of visits and personalize data fields as you see fit.


Set the goals that will ensure success

Goals are key in setting the pace of a successful trade marketing strategy.

Assign a visit frequency based on market segments, number of follow-up calls or new accounts to be created and watch your trade marketers smash their quarterly targets.

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