Gain full visibility of construction sites

Whether your team works with long sales cycle or recurrent sales, ForceManager is the solution for your sales team has been waiting for to make them more efficient.


Get full visibility of all sales activities

ForceManager makes it so easy for your team to be fully prepared for any upcoming visit, planned or unexpected.

Complete visibility of the last interactions such as training, phone calls, past orders… so they can be prepared for anything.

On top of that ForceManager helps your team to make sure all the conversations they had with a customer are recorded so they can use them later on to improve the relationship with their customers. Accurate data equals better relationships.


Real time data makes a healthy difference

ForceManager is extremely easy to use (80% of sales teams in the healthcare industry use the app daily), meaning they find the app relevant and useful during their day, even if you have to work offline they can still access to all the information.

This high usage leads to more and accurate data to help you define sales strategy, monitor progress and coach your team to success and help them grow.

AI - Personal sales assistant

Support your team through their sales journey with a state-of-the-art AI powered personal sales assistant that goes one step ahead of the needs of your team, helps them prepare upcoming meetings in a matter of seconds.




Klockner is a distributor of dental implants and other related components that aims to help doctors offer high class products to clients throughout each phase of implant treatment.

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