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The Challenge

TrustFirstParts are Ford’s official supplier of approved Ford and Iveco parts. Part of the TrustFord groups, the UK’s largest Ford dealership, TrustFirstParts supply everything from interior and exterior styling to technology and model packages nationwide

Prior to choosing ForceManager, the TrustFirstParts sales team used a mobile sales tool to help manage their activity. However, after finding the system limited in terms of visibility and wanting to maintain their presence as a leading market supplier, they required an alternative option.

“We faced a couple of issues. Our previous provider didn’t offer the visibility or accountability for the sales team and secondly it was fairly basic; essentially it had run its course,” said Leigh Mase, National Sales Manager at TrustFirstParts.”

“The team had a lot of traction with ForceManager and as soon as we saw what the program could do essentially there was no point in looking at any other systems.”

"The key areas are their information gathering, their abilities to do that and how they go about it”

Leigh Mase, National Sales Manager

The Solution

After highlighting visibility and accountability as potential areas for improvement, the ForceManager activity tracking and check-in features provided a fitting solution. A clear line of communication could now be established between the business development executives’ (BDEs) activity and management team using the application.

“It’s critical that we have a CRM that gives us transparency and visibility of what they’re doing on a daily basis,” added Mase.

“From a management point of view we are constantly measuring what our BDEs do through ForceManager and it forms part of our KPIs throughout the business.”

The Result

ForceManager has helped deliver clearer insight and visibility of the day to day activity of the sales team as well as identify further areas for improvement.

For example, sales managers noticed several BDEs would report general, repetitive information on clients and leads providing little follow-up return. Action could then be taken to refocus their efforts on certain areas of interest while providing additional training support. “The key areas are their information gathering, their abilities to do that and how they go about it,” said Mase.

It provides us the opportunity when we have BDEs that struggle in gathering information to bring them in and offer them additional support. This can certainly lead to better business opportunities.”

The TrustFirstParts team were also able to introduce a critical data field area into ForceManager, allowing BDEs to collate the requested information. This data could then, in turn, be used in marketing campaigns.

“We’ve been able to add a number of different features to ForceManager that suit our business objectives,” confirmed Mase. “It’s a CRM designed to support us with our overall business objective.”

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