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The Challenge

Bimbo Iberia is one of the biggest food industry organisations in Spain and Portugal, with its products leading the market in the category of branded baked goods, including bread, cakes and pastries. The company nonetheless needed to adapt to new distribution models used at modern points of sale (POS), in hypermarkets or superstores.

Bimbo’s sales director Andres Trujillo explains how the adaptation process was carried out, based on ForceManager’s solution.

"The key is that it’s simple, quick and easy to use. The ratios are well defined,
the menus are straightforward and there’s no room for subjectivity."

Andrés Trujillo, Sales director

The Solution

BIMBO has a huge sales force, with more than 1,000 routes serving 60,000 points of sale, supplying distributors directly in the traditional way in order to guarantee stock and good visibility for the product. Today however, the main supermarket and hypermarket chains use proprietary systems that automate order taking.

“Most manufacturers supply distributors through logistics platforms, which is unthinkable for us given the short shelf life of our products. We do however have certain product categories that can be distributed through a platform, and we needed to adapt to this new context to continue to work with important clients, while maintaining the control that direct supply gives us,” explains Trujillo.

When Bimbo first started working with the platform system they had to cope for the first time with a loss of control in the POS, with subsequent negative effects. “We realized that when we used the platform system there was an immediate drop in sales. We didn’t know how to work with that type of client”, concludes Trujillo.

The Result

To improve its POS management Bimbo decided to implement ForceManager, an innovative tool that leverages the benefits of new mobile technologies to improve the management of sales teams operating in the field.
“The system meant we could continue to work with the same internal parameters, while knowing that the work was not just being done, but being done efficiently. It was no longer a question of collecting data on paper and then going to the office and entering it into the computer, with the added possibility of errors in the data. Instead we had access to the information straight away.”

As well as being efficient and offering instant accessibility, the system is also easy to use for POS managers. Whereas before they used an unwieldy laptop, they now have the ForceManager application in their mobile phone and can record information very easily.

ForceManager’s simple design makes it easier for users to adopt the new system. “We’d worked with other tools before, but there was such a huge amount of information that the person collecting the data didn’t believe that what they were doing was useful. The key is that it’s simple, quick and easy to use. The ratios are well defined, the menus are straightforward and there’s no room for subjectivity. At the end of the day, everything can be quantified,” adds Trujillo.