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The Challenge

Alo Novus’s sales force consists of a mobile field sales team working alongside customer service representatives. The field sales team is responsible for going out and visiting customers and prospects, while the customer service representatives provide administrative support to the sales operation.

Before deploying ForceManager, Alo Novus was using Excel spreadsheets to organise and record its sales activity. This required a lot of manual input from the small customer service team and it meant that the company had no way of tracking sales activity. It also did not provide the sales directors and managers with any analysis or insight into sales results and the performance of its sales staff.

“With ambitious plans for growth, we wanted a more advanced sales management solution that would provide metrics and analysis as well as a centralised schedule for account managers. To achieve this we needed an advanced solution that aligned with our business development plans,” commented Clint Alguire, Sales Director at Alo Novus.

"ForceManager automatically generates reports and analysis from calls, emails and visits. Providing the directors and managers with actionable insight into what sales representatives are doing and how they are performing.”

Clint Alguire, Sales Director at AloNovus Inc.

The Solution

Alo Novus needed a solution designed for mobile sales teams that was easy to use and worked with both iOS and Android.

ForceManager matched the criteria as it is aimed specifically at salespeople in the field, with features designed and developed to simplify administrative and reporting tasks when on the road. ForceManager’s mobile sales management application enables users to report on the go, view previous interactions, search for other accounts nearby, and prepare quotes and take orders on their mobile device.

“Because the software automatically logs every communication that the sales representative has with a contact (calls, emails and visits), their colleagues back in the office receive real-time information about sales activity that they can quickly react to,” said Alguire, “ForceManager automatically generates reports and analysis from this data, providing the directors and managers with actionable insight into what sales representatives are doing and how they are performing.”

Alguire continued: “The application is also available across multiple operating systems and types of mobile device, meaning that field sales representatives have access to the content they need whenever they want it and on whatever device they are using at the time, which is a huge benefit for us as a business.”

The Result

The deployment of ForceManager has streamlined Alo Novus’ sales and CRM efforts, enabling greater synchronisation between all staff in the sales cycle. The automated reporting has reduced the volume of manual inputting that sales staff and customer service representatives have to do, leaving them with more time to focus on selling. Additionally, the sales performance analytics tools have enabled the directors to spend more time analysing sales activity and planning and less time chasing staff for missing reports.

Consequently, Alo Novus has been able to fulfil its growth plans, which it would not have been able to do without deploying ForceManager.