According to HBR increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%

Features that will help you get more
from your existing customers

Portfolio Coverage

Portfolio coverage

ForceManager automatically tracks account activity. This means managers are able to distribute their resources accordingly and maximize their portfolio coverage, reducing the number of unattended accounts.

Your Golden Minute

Your golden minute

A standard activity or sales visit can go from being “alright” to “wow, that went really well” amid what we call the “golden minute”. We delivered a tool known as Magic Card which condenses high-priority assignments into bite-size summaries, available dashboard.

Help Thgrough Recommendations

Recommended actions

Each sales opportunity is different and should be treated as such. Thus, we created Account Recommendations; a tool that educates channel supervisors about what might work best for distributors during a given time. Is it help checking their pipeline? Or maybe they need to concentrate on reducing their sales cycle?


Case Study


“The prospection of new clients increased to around 25% and 30% after the implementation of ForceManager”

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With 360 degree visibility over your entire account portfolio you can drastically reduce the number of unattended accounts.



Make sure your reps deliver a personalized sales experience every time they visit a customer.



Set recommendations for each account as to not miss a cross-sell or up-sell opportunity.