Towering in at around 480 feet and 750 feet wide, The Great Pyramid of Giza remains the last standing ancient wonder of the world. Experts estimate that it required somewhere around 2,500,000 blocks of solid stone to build, with each block weighing in at 2-15 ton. Add this to the difficulties involved with engineering and construction along with the unique challenges posed by the feeding, sheltering and organization of such an immense workforce required to build it…

Needless to say, this grandest of projects took the Egyptians a long time to build, around 20 years in fact.

Now it might be a stretch to compare the insurance industry’s transition to digital to the problems faced by those engineers almost 4500 years ago…but there are certain issues plaguing insurance sales directors making life extremely difficult:

  • Misemployment of complex CRM systems
  • Low agent/broker uptake
  • Slow implementation across the field sales team
  • Lack of perceived system value

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