Early adopters such as Salesforce’s Einstein have attempted to solve this conundrum by using AI to trawl data heaps and conjure up some sort of insight for sales managers. Unfortunately it just isn’t working.

Why? Well, it all comes down to that age old issue that’s plagued CRM since its inception – user adoption and data entry. If the field sales representatives and outside sales teams aren’t using the mobile CRM to enter data when out on the road, it doesn’t matter what sales AI system you’ve got back in the office. You can’t polish a turd.

So we’ve gone and dialed it back a little and tried to target the problem at source. Teaming up with IBM and Apple, ForceManager created the first AI-powered, personal sales assistant that actively aids outside sales representatives in the relaying and collection of important data when out in the field.

And to dive into the issue even further we’ll be hosting an event at Apple’s European HQ in London on the 24th May along with IBM and Jigsaw 24 to discuss how AI is REALLY transforming the way field sales teams do business.

There will be an open roundtable along with keynotes from:

Ed Johnson (EDJ Solutions) Don’t sell, tech: Creating a trusting relationship that goes beyond the sale. Johnson will shed some light into how modern sales team are becoming consultants in their industry, and that by doing so are increasing engagement with their prospects.

Oscar Macia (CEO ForceManager). Personal Sales Assistants: The technology to power a new generation of field-based teams. A quick look at our latest collaboration with Apple and IBM Watson and what it’s done to transform how field sales teams work.

John McNamara (IBM Watson) Watson: Humanisation of corporate systems. And to finish up McNamara will be going into more detail on the limitless applications of Watson in the B2B sphere.

Honestly, this is a must attend for all field sales managers looking to maximize the efficiency of their teams. Remember, the importance of forecast in sales – something only possible with accurate, AI-led data sets.

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