This week we wish to present the changes made to ForceManager’s latest iOS version. Useful, appealing and innovative, these updates further improve user experience.

New features on the agenda: alerts scheduling
In an endeavour to improve the agenda and thereby make it more useful for our clients, an event notification system, similar to that on other applications such as Outlook, has been added.Now, when creating an event, users can schedule an alert so that the application gives them prior notification. As a result, meetings, phone calls and visits won’t be overlooked!

Synchronisation of contacts on ForceManager with those in the user’s personal agenda

Another of the improvements integrated in this new version is the synchronisation of contacts on ForceManager with contacts on the user’s device.
What does this improvement mean? When adding a new contact to ForceManager, an existing contact can be selected on the user’s device and the details can be “copied” automatically. Users can therefore avoid the cumbersome task of having to enter the information manually; what’s more, inadvertent human errors such as miswriting a name or number are also avoided.

Improvements to the search system
ForceManager has joined other applications that use the autocomplete function in searches. In other words, in the new iOS version, as the user types a query in the search box, the application suggests results that coincide with what the user is trying to find. This feature is really useful for filtering results, especially when the user is not entirely sure what they are looking for. Searches have never been so effective on ForceManager!

Product image carousel
In this latest version we have included an interactive carousel whereby the user can view product images with a highly visual feature that greatly enhances user experience. The carousel option allows the user to scroll thumbnails of products from side to side, enabling them to quickly browse the gallery until they find the photo they wish to enlarge. Images of actions undertaken displayed in the company file. This is the new version’s star feature, which displays the images uploaded to the company file as regards any actions undertaken.

Thanks to this feature, when a salesperson makes a visit, important aspects can be highlighted in an instant, which are recorded in the company file for subsequent viewing. These images will be accessible to all users with access to the company’s details. Therefore, the content generated related to any actions undertaken is now centralised in the company file in graphic format.


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