Unsurprisingly, Android has joined the new wave of redesign and has updated its image once again. As a result, ForceManager has released new features and has adapted to the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop version. You can now enjoy a much more lightweight and faster tool!

After collecting all the suggestions made by our users, we have painstakingly redesigned the application to optimise our service and to offer the following benefits:

  • A new, more modern and more usable design.
  • Reduced battery consumption of up to 30%.
  • Improvements to the data processing speed of up to 50%. We have managed to double the speed when creating visits, registering new companies or scheduling tasks. The improvement has also been applied to low-end devices.
  • Optimum performance in the event of poor quality connections. The system automatically detects when the user has limited or unstable coverage, at which point it automatically switches to offline mode and synchronises all the information when it is back online. The user can therefore continue consulting all the data that was previously downloaded to the application without needing to connect to the Internet and the application does not use up resources in attempting to synchronise data in vain.
  • New sidebar menu with shortcuts to all the software’s features.

New dashboard

On opening the application, a simple graph is displayed that compares the week’s activity with that of the previous week. This therefore provides us with an overview of our level of activity compared to the level of activity of the rest of the company’s users.

Besides this breakdown of activity, we can also view upcoming scheduled events, the list of recent activities, or even see the calls made and emails sent by means of simple shortcuts.

In a nutshell, thanks to the new dashboard, you can see the most recent sales activity at a glance, from a home screen.

All the information you need as regards your visit

With the new Android version, by clicking on a visit or upcoming task pencilled into our agenda (in our case: “request client feedback after one week of using our product, since its publication”), additional related information can be accessed. For instance, from the task itself, you can go directly to the client’s file or even the company’s file. We can therefore:

  • View their address easily;
  • Avail of the option to do a company check-in;
  • See its location via geolocation (mapping the optimal route and dynamically displaying other nearby companies);
  • Call the client;
  • Send them an email;
  • Let the client know that we will arrive later than scheduled (the system has pre-prepared messages);
  • Add comments.

Usability to enhance user experience

The sidebar menu offers more convenient and accessible browsing in every sense, while the new advanced pencil button, which can be accessed from every screen, allows any detail to be edited at any time: companies, contacts, events, etc.

In addition, to continue improving user experience, ForceManager now has a notification system whereby a reminder time can be programmed: 15 minutes before an event, half an hour before, two hours before… And, as if that were not enough, on receiving such notifications, they can be postponed, cancelled, or the route to get to our next visit can be viewed.

With this new version, we continue innovating to guarantee a unique experience for our users and to help salespeople to be ever more productive.


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