With lots of cream, and lots of sugar.

Because that’s just how he likes it. There’s Just one blend for Winston Wolfe, arguably the smoothest, no-nonsense figure of efficiency that every sales representative dreams of being. His approach is bold, calm and to the point. But what makes it so effective? Let’s take a look shall we.

 “I’m Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.”

This is the sales adage we should all strive to work by. Why? Because customers do not search for products, they’re out there looking for answers to the problems they face.  It’s up to you to provide the solution. This Wolf represents the best of consultative selling. Successful salespeople position themselves from the client’s perspective, outlining the benefits of the product and why their solution best fits the client’s needs.

If you start pushing the latest features your product has, and ignore what lays at the heart of the issue then the prospective client will simply move on to the next candidate.

Is she the hysterical type? When is she due? Remind me, what are the principals names again?

We’re all familiar with the 7ps, right? Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents… well, if you’re unfamiliar with the rest then you’ll understand I have to send you over here. But essentially we’re dealing with the theme of “coming prepared”.

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