ForceManager Mobile CRM Lands in Mexico

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The results of hard teamwork and our well-received mobile CRM bring with it more good news. ForceManager is expanding again, this time to Mexico!

David Fernández, who has more than 20 years’ experience in sales, will be leading the business strategy of our new office in Mexico City. As a sales expert, he understands what ForceManager’s mobile technology offers its clients:

“ForceManager represents a paradigm shift to sales management. This paradigm is not new to Mexican companies who are now looking for innovative solutions for their sales teams.”

The opening of the new office in Mexico is a part of ForceManager’s plan to expand through Latin America, after opening its first office on the continent in Bogotá, Colombia last year.

The growth of ForceManager and ever-increasing success of mobile CRM goes hand in hand with its decision to have greater presence in LATAM, an area witnessing its technological revolution, placing great emphasis on the vision for the future. Companies in both Mexico and Colombia are employing more and more software, like our mobile CRM, to improve their business productivity.

Fernández graduated from UPC with a degree in Telecommunication Engineering and is an Executive MBA at ESADE Business School; the perfect candidate to join our team of over 70 professionals from 15 different nationalities.

He joins the team to help develop our plan of internationalization and “to put into gear all the new initiatives and strategies that help our clients increase the value of their business and overcome the economic situation.”

Welcome to ForceManager, David!