ForceManager Launches The First Wearable CRM

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This application allows sales reps to report on tasks in real time directly on their watch, via voice dictation. The tool synchronizes the data entered into other devices, combining all the information on the sales rep’s wrist. The first sales management software integrated into sales representatives’ smartwatches was presented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from the 2nd to the 5th of March 2015.

ForceManager, a software company pioneering in the design of a mobile sales management programme, has launched the first wearable CRM software for smartwatches, aimed at sales teams working beyond the confines of the office. It is a mobile application that is integrated into the sales rep’s watch, thereby allowing them to achieve optimum sales productivity. By means of a voice-activated system, the salesperson can report all information concerning their tasks in real time, such as the outcome of a meeting with a client, for instance.

The smartwatch software is perfectly integrated with all of ForceManager’s products and is available for the Android Wear platform. This tool synchronizes the data entered in ForceManager by the sales rep with the smartwatch application, combining all the information on the sales rep’s wrist.

This software affords full mobility for sales teams. The sales rep can make and answer incoming calls without having to reach into their pocket for their mobile phone. In addition, the device features a GPS tracker that helps the salesperson optimize their routes and pinpoint the location of their clients. It therefore boosts the level of sales activity and facilitates real-time data tracking as regards the sales process.

ForceManager affords transparency to the sales process, generating metrics and reports that gauge the level and quality of activity. ForceManager’s software not only helps provide sales management with a more complete picture of their sales network performance, but it also enables sales reps to improve their efficiency, helping them to sell more and to sell better. The tool is available in seven languages (Spanish, English, German, Russian, French, Portuguese and Italian) and for all platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone).