With a busy year now winding to a close, things will be picking up again this Christmas period in West London as from the 3rd-4th December, the London Olympia plays host to Britain’s premier business exhibition: The 2015 Business Show.

The two day event, which attracts more than 25,000 businesses from an array of industries, also runs alongside Going Global – the top UK national exhibition for companies looking to invest or expand their services abroad as well as Techpreneur – the UK’s spotlight for early stage tech-based start-ups.

The free business exhibition has traditionally offered guidance, opportunity and encouragement from fellow entrepreneurs, SME’s as well as experienced corporate heads and noted keynote speakers. And this year looks sure not to disappoint.

Going through the seminar list there are some intriguing topics on offer. Alongside our own CEO, Oscar Macia, who will be discussing the key ingredients to building out a high performance sales team, Daniel Murray’s keynote on how to raise £1 million for your start up with no prior experience looks like one to take a look at. As we know, it can be difficult enough convincing family and friends to get behind you and support your project, let alone several groups of interested financiers.

Another one we’ve earmarked is the Q&A with Touker Suleyman – the infamous BBC Dragon. The Cyprus-born, fashion retail king has experienced it all; the euphoria of constructing a successful start-up from almost nothing to helpless disbelief as a financial crash brings it tumbling down all around you. However, Suleyman was able to pick himself up, dust down and learn from the experience; an experience that will no doubt ensure a lively back and forth with the audience. Should be a good one.

It’ll also be interesting to pop along and see what a certain Alastair Cook has to say. The England cricket captain came under heavy criticism earlier in the year, some of it personal, from both the media and former players, before silencing them with an outstanding ashes victory and some solid batting in the recent Test Series loss to Pakistan. The pressure and demands that come along with being a professional athlete, not just a captain, must be overwhelming. It’ll be great to see how he deals with this and maybe translate this resolution to a business environment.

However, don’t worry if any of these fail to excite you. There are 12 seminar halls including a specialized tech start-up section with a whole host of speakers covering just about every topic you can imagine.

You could also pass the time by milling around the exhibition at you’re leisure, discovering the latest companies, trends and products within your industry sector – what’s new, what’s working and why. Interested in the development of mobile CRM technology? Then come stop in at stand 1170 where we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You’ll also have a chance to take home an Apple Watch for yourselves.

Besides the general milling, there are 4 separate networking sessions specifically catered to filling out your contact book; connecting with potential business partners is always a big draw to events like this so don’t be afraid to get involved.

Another exciting prospect for this year’s The Business Show is its Funding sector, which includes 3 separate arenas: the Angel’s Den, LEN Dragons Investment Show and the Midas Touch. Each provides a unique challenge for young companies willing to pitch their business ideas to multi-millionaire investors. Survive, and they could be walking away with a substantial financial investment to build out their business platform for the future.

Finally, it’s important to think about ROI. You’ve taken the time to attend the show, so make the most of it. There’s a whole host of young, enthusiastic companies eager to talk to you, to share their experiences, product knowledge and business insights. So make sure you visit, harness the energy that a show like this brings and take it back to the office – it’ll spark a refreshing boost to your work for both you and your fellow colleagues.


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