ForceManager continues its mission to innovate and perfect mobile CRM, aspiring to make the work of sales teams that little bit easier.  That’s why we’re the first mobile sales tool to deliver scan-on-the-go capabilities directly to field sales reps, meaning documents can be created and managed easier and faster than ever before.

Imagine you have 20+ contract pages and photos that need to be assembled for an upcoming meeting. How do you go about it? How do you get all this information together, on a single screen, clear and abstract for a client to read?

With ForceManager it couldn’t be easier. By simply taking a snapshot of the required document on their mobile devices, field sales reps can automatically collate these images into a single, coherent, pdf. file and attach it to the relevant account or opportunity.

What’s more, ForceManager automatically enhances and crops the images, removing the need for constant camera angle adjustment to leave a professional looking finish.

We also understand that to sell more field sales reps need the right information, to hand, when and where they need it. So we redesigned our document manager.

Using the new search bar reps can locate files in a matter of seconds. They can also view, download and store any document from Dropbox or any cloud system and share with the rest of the team without leaving the application.

Out-of-date presentations, old prices and incorrect catalogs? You’ll never have to worry about any of these ever again.

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