How Companies Use ForceManager for Concise, Accurate Sales Reporting

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Sales Digitization

As we talked about previously, there are two common problems facing sales directors when it comes to sales reporting.

They either:

  1. Have an excess of sales data in their reports, making it extremely difficult to read, dissect and extract any useful information.
  2. Have insufficient data (of any quality) to work with in the first place.

Both problems, as you’ll see below, can be fixed after the implementation of a user-focused, mobile sales tool.

That’s because 9/10 the issue stems from data entry. The salespeople on the ground simply can’t get on with the CRM they’ve been told to use and as a result, they discard the system and quit using it.

And if no data is being entered, then there’s nothing available in the CRM to analyze, leaving you, the sales director, completely in the dark.

On top of delivering accurate data to sales reports, mobile sales tools like ForceManager are also completely customizable. This means you can tailor your reports to individual sales processes.

For example, if you have set your team an objective of increasing revenue by targeting new business, then it makes sense to solely analyze rep activity related to this task. There’s no need to download every single data point stored in your CRM (as you’re often forced to in traditional CRM systems) and clutter up your report.

Focus only the information you need to make a quick, tactical decisions that directly impact your field sales team’s performance.  

Don’t just take our word for it

Let’s take a look at how some of our customer have benefited after implementing our mobile CRM.

“Before ForceManager our data was scattered to the winds, stored on individual field rep’s devices. This prevented different people within our organization from accessing and made it difficult to make any real, tactical decisions.”

Tom Ellis, Managing Director at JT Ellis & Co. –

“Thanks to ForceManager, not only have we been able to hit our sales targets but the job satisfaction of our Tech Reps has increase, noted by the user adoption of the application.In addition, we are working more efficiently, spending less time reporting and able to divert our attention towards more sales-driving activities”

Albert Freixa, Marketing Coordinator at ASICS Middle East-

“Thanks to the implementation of ForceManager, we have increased prospecting visits by 20% and the previous reporting time of 2 hours per week has been drastically reduced. All this has led to an increase of between 25% and 30% in the conversion of new customers.”

Adolfo Masagué, Sales Director at DAS Insurance-