Best Picks of the #MWC17 Barcelona

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We were lucky enough to be back at the mobile tech industry’s largest annual trade fair, the Mobile World Congress. There’s really no other show in the world quite like it, filled with tech geeks, new technologies, app makers and startups, here’s a look at what everyone was tweeting.

Drones and bots

  • The drones could be found in their own specially-dedicated ‘Drone zone.’
  • Back in full force from last year however were the robots…*blink blink*…and they were everywhere.
  •  Proving they had even learned how to dab.
  • A little robot drum sesh. As good as the famous Cadbury’s gorilla? You decide.
  • As you can see, they came in all different shapes and sizes…

Autonomous driving

  • …and that included Robocars!
  • Peugeot was also there to reveal its new Instinct concept car for an autonomous, driverless future.
  • Plus there was a little demonstration on self-driving cars work.
  • Cognitive Technology: AI
  • And it didn’t end there… we saw how cognitive capabilities can be extended to other types of vehicle.
  • IBM Watson even came up with the First Thinking Sculpture paying homage to the host city of the MWC, with a design inspired by Gaudí.

Virtual Assistants

  • It wasn’t just AI on the rise, but digital personal assistants too.
  • In short, the event played host to a whole range of emerging technologies that will drive the next economy  – drones, AR, big data, AI, robots, IoT and 5g.
  • Oh, and how could we forget VR
  • Samsung took center stage as usual.
  • And of course, the Mobile World Congress wouldn’t be the same without the unveiling of a new smartphone or two from the likes of Huawei & LG.
  • Some new releases were clearly a little more exciting than others…
  • But it wasn’t all about the new and futuristic, since an old friend (the Nokia 3310) was there to make a surprise comeback.
  • All in all the 4 days were jam packed with the newest and best in technology to come this 2017 that it proved a little too much for some.
  • We, on the other hand had a great time!
  • See you next year MWC17!