Manage your time well and you’re likely to pave the way for success. Find out how ForceManager CRM can truly help you make the most of your time.

When we made our CRM predictions for 2019, we mentioned that the CRM market is likely to see a growth rate of 61% by 2020. But why? Well, research conducted by Inoppl Technologies showed that 65% of sales reps who adopted mobile CRM reached their sales targets. With software solutions like ForceManager, sales reps organize their client relations and automate the sales management process. All this translates to higher levels of efficiency.

In another article we posted about “energy thieves;” people, habits or things who rob you of your efficiency at work and prevent you from achieving your targets, we saw how the causes of these often stem from a bad relationship with technology. There’s nothing that places itself more awkwardly between you and the goals for your sales reps than poor software that doesn’t fully adapt to your work i.e. an all too general CRM that drains your energy and negatively affects your work.

However, the secret of a good CRM is that it works for you, freeing you of unproductive, repetitive tasks and allowing you to focus your time on what really drives your company forward.

ForceManager’s software solution is 100% result-focused and therefore efficient. And what is efficiency, if not good management of your time?

So how can a CRM help you save time and increase the efficiency of you and your team?

ForceManager CRM’s top features that optimize your time


Sales reps lose a substantial amount of time completing their weekly sales reports. However, ForceManager does that for you. Our app automatically reports to the sales rep. The software is made to work for you, not against.

#2. GEOLOcation

Sales reps have a map containing all relevant information of accounts in the vicinity with our CRM, making them easy to track and locate.

Geolocation also allows you to manage the pipeline and view all nearby opportunities on the same map as well as save time by finding the optimum route to your next sales visit.


The ‘Check-in’ feature means sales reps can immediately report their sales visits and add comments noting down relevant aspects of the visit. And if they don’t want to type, they can report the visit even faster by making a voice note instead.

#4. activity analysis

Another way to save time when preparing for a sales visit is to consult the activity record, which provides useful info regarding sales reps and all the interactions that have taken place between them and their clients.

#5. sales team management

ForceManager shows your sales team’s activity in real-time, so you can make quick, informed decisions as well as assign, reschedule and coordinate tasks to your sales team using the mobile app.

#6. CLIENT order management

Taking orders after closing a sale doesn’t have to be time consuming.

With ForceManager CRM, you just select the product, enter the units and an offer. The rest is calculated for you. It’s the fastest way to take client orders so you don’t waste a second of your time.

With ForceManager you can focus on achieving your sales goals, so you get to the end of the day feeling like it’s been productive, with time still to spare to relax and spend with your loved ones.

And remember – time is money, so don’t waste it!


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