5 Invaluable Software Tools For Small Sales Teams

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Sales Digitization

The vast majority of the business world is comprised of SMEs that are driven by small sales teams tasked with bringing in new business. Larger corporations have traditionally held the upper-hand as they can compete with armies of sales reps and throw around their million dollar marketing budgets. However, the internet has drastically democratised the business landscape allowing small and medium enterprises to compete head-to-head with corporations 1000x their size. In fact, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) explosion over the last decade is a perfect example of this worldwide phenomenon.

As a SaaS company ourselves, specifically in the CRM vertical, we can fully attest to value of digital technology and endless potential it has to drive business growth, especially for small sales teams. Below are 5 hand-selected software tools we believe are invaluable for small sales teams:

Yesware : Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness is mission critical to success in sales. Since sales reps spend countless hours using their email, it’s invaluable to know who has opened their messages and exactly what they did with a new proposal after opening it.


  • See when emails are opened and interacted with in real-time
  • Track deals through the sales pipeline
  • Features tools like email templates, send later, reminders, and more
  • CRM Integration


  • Free Version: Track up to 100 emails each month
  • Pro Version: $12/mo/user – Unlimited email tracking, send later and reminder features, presentation tracking, save to CRM
  • Team Version: $20/mo/user – all Pro plan features, plus mail merge with automated follow-ups, team features, and role based permissions

Rapportive – While LinkedIn has since gobbled up this slick plug-in tool, Rapportive has saved small sales teams millions of hours globally by replacing Gmail ads with LinkedIn data and functionality right in your inbox. If you don’t already use Rapportive, add the plug-in immediately.


  • Linkedin Profile in your inbox
  • See their location if they’re nearby
  • Social profiles and ability to “connect” directly from your email


  • Free

Infusionsoft – Created with small businesses in mind, Infusionsoft brings your company’s marketing efforts and sales teams together into one dashboard. Their Small Business Sales and Marketing Scorecard helps managers see which marketing campaigns are performing optimally and funnel the leads directly to the sales team.


  • Sales and Marketing in one place
  • Centralised daily activity reports and customer engagement
  • Email marketing campaign tracking and lead scoring tools


  • Essentials: $199/mo – For companies with basic marketing automation needs
  • Deluxe Sales: $299/mo – For companies with sales teams that need advanced tracking tools
  • Deluxe E-Commerce: $299/mo – For e-commerce companies
  • Complete: $379/mo – For companies with both e-commerce and a physical sales team

Xceleration – Creating a sustainable yet competitive sales culture is both the most critical element of a sales managers job and the easiest thing to screw up. Xceleration offers sales incentive programs-as-a-service to inspire and motivate sales teams of any size.


  • Scalable Reward Station Technology
  • Comprehensive reward catalog complete with bonuses
  • Track sales contests and reward top achievers


  • Contact for a quote

Contactually – Designed specifically for small sales teams, Contactually helps create a collaborative sales environment focused on monitoring the entire team’s progress and success.


  • Team Dashboard displays valuable insights and analytics
  • Daily, weekly, monthly summary reports of the team’s activity
  • Share contacts with the team or assign contacts to team members
  • Share data across the team or with management


  • Free 30-day trial
  • Basic: €29/mo/user – unlimited email accounts, social integration
  • Professional: €49/mo/user – Basic plus team sharing, bulk messaging, content sharing, scheduled workflows

The also-rans:These tools also bring value to small sales teams by helping them optimise their performance and track their progress:

Go Consensus – Personalised Automated Demos to Accelerate Sales

Appglu – Ready to Run Mobile Apps For Sales Teams

Clari – The Future of Forecasting

We know there are thousands of valuable companies out there creating game-changing solutions to improve the way we work, but it’s nearly impossible to know them all, let alone try to test each one. So we need your help. Which invaluable software has been crucial to your sales team’s success? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Hunting!